Friday, December 31, 2004

For Just One Day

For just one day, we should all give love a chance and do away with arguments, hurtful, harmful deeds and negative thoughts of others. For just one day. For just one day, the cosmic consciousness will reveal one bright star of hope-- a reminder that humanity has not lost its way--that one day, peace and harmony will reign. Let us make a difference-- for there is too much hate; too much death; too much destruction-- let us change our destiny-- for just one day.


I love a man

I love a man whom I do not deserve.
He is tall and handsome, is charismatic, and has a gentle nature
His smile is warm and always sincere
He is stubborn at times, but in a dignified way.
Although he doesn't cook, (he said he'd learn)
His demeanor is wonderful.
I love him. He's almost perfect.
He has yoda-like qualities which I adore.
There is no other man like him.

Man-made, natural disasters bring the world together

The World Trade Center tradegy on 9/11; a deadly and devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia--- both horrendous disasters-- and both brought the world together in a united front of humanity. I believe that we cannot control many things around us, we can only hope to cope with them as they permeate our lives. Our world is constantly changing. Sometimes we are forced to change with it, oftentimes, for many, we accept and move on and believe that we are content with normalcy. For those who live on the edge of the world, nothing is stable. There is no peace in the heart and soul. Just a quiet acceptance and the forging of inevitability.

May you all have a blessed new year.


A New Year with no expectations

Expectations are worthless unless followed up by commitment. I know this, yet year after year, I find myself espousing promises to which I know I will never commit. So, just why do we do this? Make New Year Resolutions?

Perhaps it is the novelty of making promises to ourselves and a fresh new year will motivate us to aspire to higher goals. We are conscious of this, yet, we take it lightly.

Instead of a new year resolution, why not a good deed(s)? Helping/feeding the elderly; making up with someone who has grieved you; or just a kind gesture to a stranger.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Megan's last stand

Her father hits her.
She is bi-polar.
She has lived in mental health.
She is not crazy.
She is hurt.
The love she grew up with died long ago.
She is all alone
Who will save her from her father.
Her father hit her again today.
She is ready to tell.
Child Protective Services took her away from him.
She is free at last.
What will happen to her now?
Will she ever heal?
Please Pray for Megan.

Sidebar: For those of you who are interested in learning more about bi-polar children, visit

My Soul died today; but hope is still here

My soul died today.
She broke apart and they came to get her.
Her father strung tales of lies and deceit
He hurt her. She's sick of it.
Her mind has gone to the beyond of reality
I hurt for her. I love her. I miss her.
I cannot see her. Not yet.
At least she is safe from his wrath.
May he pay his debt with destiny.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Don't get me wrong

Welcome to my page. For those of you who think I might be a bit off (in the head).... I am.

Don't get me wrong. I'm pretty smart. (at least that's what people tell me.) I think I'm pretty boring. But I love to read; I love to write. Esoteric books appeal to me.. all kinds.

I've studied kabbalah, ceremonial magick, tarot, astrology.. stuff like this-- people who know me say I'm weird. Can't argue with them. I'm learning... learning...learning.

Well, hope you enjoy. Feel free to post!


A Poem of the timid warrior

I had to fight today but my heart was fluttering
Not a physical fight, but emotional and mental
I'd rather climb between white sheets and hide
Even my shadow scares me.
But I've chosen the path of the warrior.
To fight for those as timid as me.
I will force warrior words from my mouth
My tongue will heat and throw arrows of strength
And inside, I tremble.
But fight I must. I will not give up. To give up is to die.
I am the timid warrior. I am the hermit.