Sunday, January 02, 2005

Agnosticism the new religion for 2005 and beyond?

agnosticism - a religious orientation of doubt; a denial of ultimate knowledge of the existence of God; "agnosticism holds that you can neither prove nor disprove God's existence"

I recently asked relatives, friends, neighbors and strangers what they thought the new religion would be for the new year. Besides mentioning weblogs, they believed that people worldwide will denounce their faith-based religion and embrace agnosticism. I found this very interesting since the recent event in Southeast Asia has brought people back to religion and thoughts of a Supreme Being. In this enlightened world spoon-fed by internet access and outpouring of knowledge, I thought they would say ADHD, or other such societal-induced, mental dis-ease.

On a sidenote, why not ask a friend, neighbor, or stranger what they believe will be the new religion of 2005 and beyond? Their answer may surprise you, amuse you, enrage you, offend you. It may even inspire you.


Blogger Scarlett said...

Mmm, I would ask but since I work in a fundy christian publishing company, the answers will be biased. And no, I am NOT christian.

This is a curious question. Tragedies of 9/11, hurricanes and tsunamis would tend to either a) induce people to seek religion in an attempt to reason why, or b) lose people to sit on the fence of blame and anger that God is punishing us.

Living in the Bible Belt, choice a tends to be the norm and choice b is never reported.

6:36 AM  
Blogger Mmothra said...

Agnosticism is the only rational belief system...the point is to transcend the rational.

1:30 PM  
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