Thursday, January 20, 2005

Children's books rock

A second childhood isn't that bad, considering I just grew up a few years ago. Seriously, my oldest niece, Hanna, loves to read and she has a wide variety of books, of which I avail myself. Okay, the Harry Potter books are great, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, but there are hundreds of other children's books that spike my imagination and take me to another world.

My special girl, Megan, learned to read when she was two. Amazing isn't it? At the age of six, she was writing complete, complex sentences in her journal. At ten, she had read the Harry Potter series, Volumns 1-4.

I would like to recommend two books that are a pleasure to read, no matter what your age. "Inkheart", author, Cornelia Funke; and "Eragon", author, Christopher Paolini; are two such books that will please all critics, simply for the literary style and complicated plots. I enjoy watching the faces of my nieces when they've learned a new concept, or when their imagination is captured by a story and these two do just that.

I grew to love the writings of Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan, two talented fantasy writers whose plots are mindblowing and addictive.

Growing up, my parents emphasized that a good education will get one anywhere one wants to go in life, at the time, a repetitious mantra that didn't mean much to me. Reading and writing were two activities that were a constant in my life. Today, it makes perfect sense and I hope to instill that valuable concept in my nieces.

Literary styles of writing are intrinsic to the writer and becomes a source of inspiration or frustration. Writers of all ages and genres start off by finding their own literary style. I've tried writing the short prose, inspired by Hemingway; but Umberto Eco's sytle of wit and subtle intellect enticed me to write longer, complex sentences, a challenge that continues to this day.

I love the written word and the role it plays in our world. Communication is tantamount if we are to understand the content of ideas and inventions. It is a part of each of us, including those who profess to "hate" the English language.

Celebrate literature and if you have the opportunity, help a child's mind grow. It's a beauty to behold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A book or even just creative writing sparks so much more than just your mind, if written with heart and care it sparks your emotions and feelings. The first books I read were the Dragon Lance series and I became so attached to the characters that I nearly cried when one died. A true writer immerses the reader in a world so real that your other sences become entwined in the world. Books are becoming a 2nd thought in the year of the internet but in reality they should always be important. Information and story telling is useless unless it is structured correctly and told in a proper context. In this world where everyone wants to go out and see everything and do everything maybe they should also think of seeing inside themselves and understanding what makes them, tick as it were. Never stop reading as every word lets you grow and understand little more of life.

7:20 PM  
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