Saturday, January 08, 2005

Flying cars, ice cream and a date with a judge

I decided to share this profound moment in my life with a flair of the surreal, an analogous emotion which reminds me fondly of Alice In Wonderland. I was driving to a family function, following the speed limit when I attempted to make a U-turn at which time an SUV came flying towards me and side-swiped my side of the van. I sat there thinking, hmm. we've been hit. Curiously, I felt like sucking my thumb. My eyes then locked on a black Toyota 4-runner as it hurdled ten feet in the air and flew 20 feet from point of impact as it excecuted an upside down somersault and smashed violently onto the concrete, then just as violently rolled right side up, pushed its way backwards and finally ended up in a ditch a few inches away from a monstrosity of a power pole. My mind registered this in a slow-motion pan... I felt like an extra in a movie. I was unusually calm. Of course, state police and medics arrived at the scene. Funny, I don't recall how it all happened but was told that I was in shock and not quite "in my right mind". What a funny thing to hear, but I suspect the officer wasn't in his right mind either. I tried to make sense of it, but in the middle of all the confusion, I had a insatiable craving for rocky road ice cream and being of sound mind, ignoring that silly officer, and not in the motherly-way, I was bothered that ice cream was all my mind could register at the time. Shallow? A diabetic-induced reaction?

I'm writing and it's quite late... the incident happened a while ago-- six hours as of this writing... I'm still calm. After the eventful ordeal, I went to my family gathering, had a wonderful time and even managed a couple of songs on the karaoke player. I have a court date with an aging judge who has a hearing problem, is near-sighted, and smells like Ivory soap, this information courtesy of my great aunt, an old colleague of his; perhaps she can put in a good word...

By the way, my nieces were in a bit of a shock, but otherwise unscathed. The other driver wasn't so lucky. No, she didn't pass into the netherworld, which I will forever thank the Supreme Being, however, she sustained cuts and abrasions and was transported to the hospital. It could have been worse. We're all safe and that's what counts.

Post Script: A poster asked if I had my rocky road ice cream...Yes, I did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I see on the picture and from what I heard from you ... I was shocked to see no air bags were visible and yet the impact was powerful enough completely destroy the left light and indicator. I was releaved to read no one was killed. Most of all I was relieved to hear no one was hurt in your Van.What I felt when I heard cannot be explained. It was cold.. colder than ice. Thank you just for being safe.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Daniel Bruckner said...

But did you get the ice cream?

4:07 PM  
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