Friday, January 21, 2005

Here I walk

Lessened pain degrees of muted waves
My memory a distant voice
A link of light beyond the realm
To grasp the thought of a long-forgotten dream
My tomb a barren coffin which lies a ghostly corpse
Tomorrow's wake nimbly passes by another day
When a songbird shall sing for me
A sweet homecoming melody
Awakening I quiver from slumber's past
Where flames eternal no whisper of wind
To light the path of this Hermit's walk, bound to earth
A chosen journey through shadows and light
A pilgrim's walk on scoured feet
For rest is in my bed of death
Embrace my pain and bleed for me
Forego the light and claim the shadows
A moment's rest for a weary soul


Blogger Josse said...

To walk to the light is an act of courage. To remember who we are. To wake up to the call of Soul is perhaps the lonliest act of courage. Though I cannot walk in your footsteps I walk with you in fellowship. I wanted to share with you these words from one of my favorite art writers, Robert Henri. Oh Hermit, know that there are two kinds of people in this world. In this extract Robert Henri is talking to a teacher "If I were you I would prefer a short and courageous career in art teaching to one that would be prolonged by hedgings. What does it matter if by standing for the thing you really believe in, fighting for it, giving to others the reasons you have used in your own conviction, making no weak concessions, you fail. Such failure is success. You keep your likeness, anyhow. Besides, you can depend on it, there are everywhere some people who will recognize your wisdom, truth and courage, and you will be well repaid by having won the appreciation of such people, even if you come back, as a result, out of a job and strapped. Many people would renounce what I have said as sentimental or even wild fanaticism. But don’t be fooled. The diplomatic hedger is all about us. You and I have seen many of them grow up and develop their game. Some of them have bank accounts and are very respectable and safe citizens, but we are well aware of the price paid and know that it is far too dear. One has ideas, which it believes in fully, perhaps, but modifies to bring about “success.” The other class has ideas which it believes in and must carry out absolutely, success or no success. The first class has a tremendous majority and they are all slaves. The second class are the only free people in the world. Some are kept under the grind of poverty. Some are sent to jail, but they are still the only free class. But the latter class does not always get down under the heel nor sent to jail. People are not always fools. There are those who only want “to be shown”, ones who know, and there must be someone who has the courage to show them. These are the words of the old teacher before you again – get mad at me if you like – but it’s the same as I used to say when I was teacher and you were pupil, and it was such ideas, in which you then saught truth and value, that made you come to hear me. And it is because there are many people who are not fools and only want “to be shown”, but in spite of the convections of institutions, there has always been a place open for me, although there has never been a time that failure has not been predicted."

11:00 AM  
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