Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I am me I am the dark night of the soul

A reflective moment is potentially depressing but the trick is to create an umbilical cord to pull yourself out of it and bring with you a profound truth that in its own little way, changes you. At what point in our lives do we realize that we need to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally?

A life of contentment does not come easily. As we grow, our perceptions and beliefs change and we bring along with us our childhood, whether good or bad. Philosophers of old wrote of the human condition because somehow, they had to make sense of the chaos that was happening during their time; they were men and women of intellect, refusing to accept the standards of society. I believe that we are all philosophers in our own way. Not all of us will write a book or find a cure, but just the knowledge that we exist is pretty incredible. We take our existence for granted and for many, we end our existence, a profound and sad demise.

Life is hard; it may not get easier, but the very act of being is a cause for celebration. If you don't believe me, look up at the stars, peer closely at a flower, notice the laughter of children.

We have all been through a period in our lives which mystics have called the "dark night of the soul", where the fire is hottest and we are in the middle. A period of trials, of hopelessness and despair, when the soul is weary and hurting and alone. But life revolves in cycles and eventually, everything comes to an end, even the hurting period, and we can look forward to a cycle of happiness and contentment and we grow and build a stronger foundation, not for ourselves, but OF ourselves. In this world of chaos, a sense of peace will prevail when we stop the voices in our head and concentrate on the silence.

Pervasive materialism has invaded our communities and has taken our children hostage, even we have allowed ourselves to fall captive. But a truth that cannot be changed can be invoked in the worse situations. And that truth is love. Love breaks down all barriers and reaches across enemy lines.

So when you're going through your dark night of the soul, a time that you must endure to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, stop, reflect, cry or get angry,... take a deep breath, and love.

Post Script: I have a very old and stained, dog-eared, gem of a book. It is there for me when I need it and helps me to put things in perspective. No, it's not the Bible, but "The Faith of Helen Keller", The Life of a Great Woman, With Selections From Her Writings- Hallmark Editions. Only 62 pages, the personal reflections of her life will move even the hardest of souls. For those of you who hunger, I recommend this little book. LVX


Blogger ms.seuss said...

Being is a cause for celebration...In the dark night of our souls, we will not be alone...Keep writing

6:23 PM  
Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Excellent insightful post.Introspection is vital for the soul to grow. To answer your question, I think that point is realized at a very young age, but is a constant process of re-evalution throughout our lives. Those dark nights of our souls are draining, often beyond human belief, yet one usually emerges stronger and invorigated, or at least at peace. That is not always the case, as many of us know, but I think we must retain hope that we are strong enough for that to be the eventual result.

Sometimes contentment occurs. Sometimes not.More often, I think one learns acceptance. The world inside and outside ourselves is usually in a state of flux. For some, but not for me, I suppose contentment can be an end result. I thrive on challenge and stimulation as a balance to the peaceful, "content" times. due to the Excellent book recommendation. I admired Helen Keller for similar reasons that I admired the courageous Anne Frank. The North Koreans you spoke of don't know the meaning of Holocaust as opposed to "mere invasion." There's a VAST difference!

7:30 AM  
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