Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Political blogs bother me

Something is definitely wrong. The recent articles I've written sparked my political outrage and I just had to say something, and I blame this otherwise loathsome prattle, in allowing political blog sites to annoy me. Stop! Time for retrospect and shaking off the angst. I hope this doesn't happen again, the guarding of my mind and the click of my mouse urging me to move on! Move on! Don't read this political blog! But this doesn't work. I must read it and in so doing, leave with heightened blood pressure and a frown between my eyebrows, which, as a woman, is quite detrimental to my overall appearance as other women will tell, we forever trying to avoid frown lines.

And what about you, dear blogger? Do certain categorical blogs drag your mind into unfamiliar territory, where you must say something, but are not sure so you just slog (is this a word?) your way, praying that what you're writing makes sense to someone, anyone!

If you are a constant visitor of BlogExplosion or BlogClicker, you know exactly what I mean, however, I'm assuming that you actually take the time to read a few.

Share please!


Blogger Jessica said...

if you don't like politics, don't write about it. meager advice.

hey, i like dr. pepper, too!

11:39 PM  
Blogger JoeinVegas said...

I, too have become irritated with our elected officials. If getting 50.1% of the vote gives someone a 'mandate' then I guess my math classes taught me incorrectly.
But, my response to recent events has been to stop watching the news on TV and to stop reading the first section of the paper. I found that trying to follow this philosophy the past two months and two weeks has worked quite well. My blood pressure is lower, and I am happier in my ignorance. Why fret over something you have no control over?
But I do get the most comments when I discuss politics, so it seems that many people want to get their opinions out there.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Max Bouillet said...

I am so tired of seeing political blogs. Especially the sore winners. For God's sake they won... by a narrow margin, but they won. Why must they sit and talk about it over and over again. No matter how many times I put them on my (blog explosion) do not view list... they still have those banners. Its enough to make me wanna stop using the service. (if it weren't so darn addictive)

1:47 AM  
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