Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tell TTLB I claim the koala bear

In the TTLB eco-system, I am a marauding marsupial, a subclass metatheria, of the class, Mammalia, which fired up the old synapses, my research skills heating up my keyboard with tired, eyes, but oh, what an eye opener, when reading a small section of an otherwise large biology treatise on Mammalia, a chore my mother would have gladly forked over a huge chunk of money if I had only pursued a degree in medicine, but alas, just a lowly history major and later studies in General Science.

I was quite content with my status, for what woman wouldn’t have fun carrying a kiddy in her pouch, which shows how ignorant I am, having brought up that very thought recently at our local Coffee Beanery, only to be told by friends that I’m subliminally projecting the fact that I’m getting old, my time clock is ticking away, and I need to have a baby! Hmm.. there is that thought which I will certainly peruse at a later time.

Firstly, marsupials are primitive mammals that do not have a placenta, a fact that for a moment caused me great embarrassment, the blogging community led into a false sense of identity into believing that I am primitive at best, and not having a placenta at worse.

Other animals that fall under this category are particularly present in Australia… okay, I’m not going to go there, which include the kangaroo, koala bear, Tasmanian wolf, wombat and wallaby, which isn't too bad since many homo sapiens believe the koala to be quite cute and cuddly, therefore I make a claim and identify myself as Koala Hermit.

Secondly, it is believed that at one time a land bridge connected South America to Australia and through ages of time past, this link disappeared, leaving Australia geographically isolated, permitting the existence of marsupials that do not have to compete with more advanced mammals, a small blessing, I suppose, given my current diminished capacity as a marauding marsupial.

No, indeed, I am not complaining, I humbly carry my burden in the world of blogging, as well as in my pouch…and perhaps, in the near future, I will evolve to, at the very least, playful primate, a thought out of the blue, reminding me of our leaders…

An idea that has lodged itself in my mind, categorizing President George Bush and his motley Cabinet, as well as members of Congress, on TTLB’s order of evolution.

For those who take this article too seriously regarding Mr. President and cohorts, relax, take a chill pill, slumber down in a dark cave, and dream sweet dreams of koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies.


Blogger Robbie said...

I'm a Flappy Bird ... like a penguin or dodo. Gee, it would be nice to be able to fly.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Robbie & Kim said...

A koala is not a bear, it is, as you say, a marsupial

5:28 AM  
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