Saturday, January 29, 2005

We women, our wants, our needs, gee

Clothes, shoes, more clothes, more shoes. A whirlwind affair with little boutiques waiting for a mark, shop owners with perfectly even, white teeth, spinning the virtues of an item that you simply cannot live without, and darn it, I buy into the hype all the time, only to find that I have no use for it, but some friend might, saving the sinful item for next Christmas or a birthday gift.

With this said, I have come to the conclusion that women are genetically programmed to spend money on things that attract our eye and soulful heart and will go to great lengths to have it, this hypothesis not based on any scientific evidence, however, a day out shopping with the girls is proof enough as well as my own personal experience. Gentlemen, you know what I'm talking about, and please, don't roll your eyes.

We women have a single-minded determination that can prey on unsuspecting male victims, usually a lover, spouse, or best friend. Are we up to something? Have we diabolical minds? Is it a phase which we will leave behind, godwilling? Yes, Yes, and Probably Not, and if you men are in for the long haul, well....

During a trip to San Francisco, I had a rather bizarre experience, although unsuspecting at the time, which was a normal shopping day for me. Having seen a beautiful sweater in a shop window, I walked in, intending to peruse the item, and having found my size, I was looking forward to checking out the other merchandise, when a woman approached me at a brisk pace, abruptly stopped in front of me, and told me in a heightened tone of voice and heavily-laced Altoids breath, that the sweater which I had chosen was hers.

Amusement overcame me, as it usually does when someone says something totally ridiculous and illogical, my manner very polite, I said that I found it on the rack and since it was there, no one had any claim to it. Civility doesn't work when one is dealing with a deranged soul as I soon found out. She yanked the sweater out of my hands and then proceeded to slash me with obsenities, as minute pieces of Altoids flew into my face.

I calmly stood there, thinking, WWMD, "What Would Mother Do?", my mother the lovely and always polite quintessential lady, but a **itch if necessary, saying this with all due respect of course. (I love you mom). Well, genetics took over and I yanked it back, not because I wanted it (the verbal altercation was a big turn-off), but to prove that I could stand up to an obnoxious stranger. A tug of war quickly ensued. She with her foul mouth, and I with my glaring eyes. Ages of women and their wants, needs, expectations, all embodied in that one episode. It was a profound experience.

So, how did it end? Well, we stretched that sweater so badly that er... we both ended up paying half the price for it, in more ways than one.

Women, control your urges! Negotiate, find common ground, leave your ego at the door, and most importantly, don't fight with another sister (at least not in the public's eye) it for the male species. After all, one day, aren't we going to rule the world?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a man I would hope that women would unite against the men. For one reason only. What would happen if you took this war to a man not deserving it ? I please to the ladies and to you... to think of the man you are about to persue and wage war on... some of us... might not deserve that and I think some ladies would hate to be in a woman only world. As for me.I hope the lady I love would love me for the man that I am, and understand that I am indeed a man. Isn't that why she loves me and not another woman? Men may create many wars. But in the end the precious few, are in mind to think not of want and destruction but to mend and defend.I try every day to be all the man I can be, and I hope I am one of those few and that the woman I love, knows.

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sapere Aude, thanks for your visit and leaving a comment. I love to read your stories and the language used. I will come back again to read more. Thanks for sharing, you are a kind person.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make me laugh! Some of the best Zen teachings are on Craving... We are basically told to cut it out. It doesn't get us what we want. I agree with you... for most women, Craving tends to manifest in the mall. Sometimes I practice restraint by window shopping without my wallet. It is hard. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog ( Chalip.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Ah... too fantastic. Must be something about spring being around the corner. I was ranting just yesterday to the gals at work about buying shoes. I always thought it was a load of hooey that women have urges to buy shoes. But now that the styles are more pleasing to me, I have purchased way too many in the last few days. And I hardly ever wear them... I'm so ashamed.. :-)

10:46 AM  
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