Monday, February 21, 2005

A call to all writers of poetry and prose

Note: Calling all poets. Rolling Thunder has a new poetry contest. A photo theme is given. If you'd like to submit a poem, please click here: Rolling Thunder... If you're having trouble linking, please scroll down my site to my blogroll-- you'll find Rolling Thunder there as well. I believe the last day for submission is March 20th, winners to be announced on the 23rd.

Also, if you love writing poetry and prose, or just curious, check out the Blog Poetry Club, an inspirational site for poets and non-poets alike. Very supportive and intelligent members who post insightful poetry for a world that desperately needs hope, faith, and healing. Sign up and become a member. You will not be sorry.

Here is my submission to Rolling Thunder's poetry contest.
If you see the photo at Rolling Thunder, you will understand.

The Woman of the Ages

You look at me and think you know who I am
You see only the obvious
You put on this mask for you are not ready to know
For in the knowing you will understand
And with the understanding, you will weep

My nakedness,
a symbol of earth and mother
I am woman
The strong one who runs wild
who keeps order in your chaotic world

I am mother, whore, virgin and hero
I created you and the earth shook amidst my pain
The heavens validate my existence

I revel in your world of concrete jungle
My stiletto heels march forth
Ready to fight the masses but
Just as ready to teach
what you do not know
things that you do not understand

I have the power to destroy and to rebuild
My powers I take seriously
But I will not demean you

Be at peace and know that I am here to love you
And in the loving
You will know me
And I will give you my gift
I will clothe myself in your cloth if you so desire

Never take me for granted,
a folly that has brought sorrow and heartache since millenia

Cherish me for I am strong, yet fragile
Give me your respect and trust
And I will lead you to all that is hidden,
a revealing that will astonish you

I am the naked virgin in your dreams
The mother of your children
The whore in your bed
I am woman for all the ages

Embrace me


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