Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The canine, the human, the salon

I was getting my bi-weekly pedicure and manicure at my favorite salon when a woman walked in with her canine friend. As Sally was prepping my nails for a manicure, I glanced over to the next chair and looked into the eyes of the pooch; a pomeranian, a cute dog, although a bit hyper and annoying with its yappy, shrill, staccato barks.

I thought its owner had left the dog while she was being prepped, but was soon corrected as I listened to her and a hair stylist discuss the "cut" her pooch was to receive. Excuse me?! I pay good money to be pampered only to find that "spoiling-myself-because-I -darn well-deserve-it" time is spent with a pooch sitting right next to me, getting the same special treatment I was. By the way, did you know that there is a hair-style mag/rag for pooches? Yes. Apparently, this woman was a subscriber.

I didn't know whether to feel insulted or amused. I chose the latter, looking on with great interest as fou-fou was given a lavender-hair wash and rinse, something I'd love to have, but feel is a waste of money...

As expected with all canine, and I don' care if they were top of their class in obedience school, they will squirm, shake, and basically make a sloppy, wet mess of everything/one in their immediate vicinity, which is exactly what happened, the poor woman holding him/her/it, gee I don't know, trying to keep it from slipping out of her hands, not one word of complaint, after all, the customer is always right, right? I was thoroughly enjoying the scene.

I'm glad my godmom wasn't with me, she would have called the Bureau of Health and demanded an on-site investigation, bless her heart.

Well, fou-fou got its hair cut and I got my pedicure and manicure without either one of us exchanging words, which is unusual for me because I usually start a conversation with the person sitting beside me, but in this instance, I think fou-fou and I would have nothing in common to talk about, unless it's what we're having for dinner that night. I suspect that she'll be eating the T-bone steak and I'll be having a double-quarter-pounder w/cheese from McDonald's.

By the way, fou-fou's cut was beautiful. I believe the next visit I have with my hairdresser, I'm going to ask for the same cut, but first, I will have to clear it with my boyfriend. I don't think he'd like the idea of my having the same hairstyle as a pomeranian, even if it was done in a beauty salon.


Blogger Homo Insapiens said...

Hopefully fou-fou will not be in the waiting room when next you visit the dentist!

6:19 AM  
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