Thursday, February 03, 2005

How Immortal Am I? Or Am I?

Sometimes, a thought embeds itself in my mind and teases me until I'm forced, by my own volition, to untangle the jumbled ideas until some sense and order prevails. During these periods, I admit to intense headaches and blurred vision, which a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper and Tylenol cannot cure; well, most of the time.

At a recent social gathering with friends, after solving the world's problems and all its social ills, we started talking about immortality. Yes, pretty deep, eh? The question was, "Please give a definition of immortality and state briefly how immortality can be attained?"

Well, I, being of sound mind and not that inebriated said that immortality is the state in which one is conscious of his identity through all states, conditions and changes throughout his life. Feeling pretty smug, I sat back, waiting for a comment, not really expecting one, but alas, here it came.

"So you don't believe in reincarnation?... that there is no soul and when you die, you die?", this coming from a distant acquaintance, whom I thought, never had anything clever to say, (stupid me), realizing that I should never underestimate anyone's beliefs and their ability to stand up for it. Well, good for her!

She went on to explain that the term, "the soul of man" is used promiscuosly and stands for many phases of the invisible parts of what as to its visible aspect is called a man. His likes and his dislikes, his desires and what he finds worthy to commit him to perform an act that he knows in his heart to be right. When it is time for him to leave this earth, he will re-incarnate into a higher being taking with him all his sentient thoughts and beliefs.

Well, I ingenously asked, what if he never attained such a lofty level of development during his lifetime? Will he come back as a dung beetle, which earned me a long stare and a raised eyebrow. I do believe she drank at least three beers which makes me wonder if beer can fire up the old synapses to blinding speed ergo creating a temporary anomaly of genius status in an otherwise dull being. hmm... I know, I know.. I'm being mean here, but really!

I then argued that immortality must be earned and acquired before death during one's life in a physical body in this physical world. After death, immortality cannot be attained. All incarnated minds are striving to be immortal. If immortality is not attained after death, the body dies and the mind returns to earth in a new physical body, time after time, and until immortality is attained. So, I do believe in re-incarnation, but not in line with her interpretation.

Well, needless to say, the conversation got into spiritual matters, which I won't go into, leaving that for another time, another post.

Death itself is an ending of this realm of reality and the beginning of another, at least, that is my belief. Whether we gain immortality here on earth and re-gurgitate life in another lifetime, or if we attain a status of consciousness of life's experiences and carry that into a new physical body remains to be seen. Either way, it makes for great debate if you're into that sort of discourse.

Thoughts on immortality, anyone?


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