Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Listen to the Troops

Leave your ego at the door, for just a while,
Humble your heart and read what is here

Forget the "red" state, the "blue" state,
whatever state you're in
And Listen to the Troops

It became real when they deployed to Iraq
In combat, they don't care who comes from
a "red" or "blue" state

Some came home and found nothing
No food, no money, no home
In Iraq, she cried at night, afraid for her life
Listen to the Troops

PFC Nicole Goodwin, New York, New York:
Nicole is one of the first Iraq war veterans to face homelessness.
Months after her return from Iraq, Nicole and her baby daughter
spent their nights in buses and shelters.

Listen to Nicole:

Freedom is good

Freedom is great

Freedom ain't free

Someone else always pays

I sleep at night knowing this to be true But let it be known better
them than me I'll forget about your cause, I'll forget about your God,
I'll forget about your flag So I will sleep well tonight
So why should I care who slaps on a green monkey suit?

I sleep at night because I remember better them than me.

Stop the bickering and senseless sarcasm
for the American flag represents all
No distinction between "red" and "blue"
They will tell you, it's RED, WHITE and BLUE
Listen to the Troops

Cpt. David Whitehorn, Eau Claire, WI
David served as a medic in Iraq, caring for both
wounded U.S. soldiers and Iraqi insurgents.

Listen to David:

I want to share something hard that I endured as a nurse.
I didn't experience combat or mortaring but I am deeply
grateful for my comrades who do.
Instead as a medic, I dealt with taking care of Iraqis that we had shot.
I took care of an Iraqi that was shot as he jumped on an Army convoy.

It is very hard being a critical care nurse that was taught to save life at all cost,
when your patient is someone the military has shot.
I had to curb my anger and rage to provide the best care that I could.
This is something that nobody has talked about in the
numerous news stories and blogs,
but it is shared by all military medics
and taught to us in Law of Armed Conflict class.

Thank you to all of you Army and Marine "grunts" who are in the
trenches of war every day.
I feel guilty that I didn't do what you did, and that I didn't share
your experience of direct combat.
I can never repay you. I hope I never see you, my injured comrade,
but if I do, rest assured when you get to me, you will be taken care of
by the best medics in the world!!!

There are sides drawn, and that's okay
But don't put a color on a solider-he doesn't care--
he, she, they, are fighting your fight
Listen to the Troops

Sgt. Kris Owen, Parker, CO
Kris was deployed to Iraq as a heavy equipment operator based in Tikrit.

Listen to Kris:

"Soldiers don't put their lives on the line for war.
They put their lives on the line for the guy next to them, for their families,
for the ideals of the country.
I hope history sees that we truly brought freedom to a country.
I hope history doesn't see it that we occupied a land for our own interest."

Show them the respect and gratitude they deserve
For in leaving their safe beds and standing to fight
They've lost a bit of their souls
We can never repay them, but we can
tell them that we all stand united as Americans
We won't force them to choose "red" or "blue"
Listen to the Troops

Sgt. John Quincy Adams was on patrol in Ramadi August 29, 2003
when a remote controlled bomb exploded under his humvee
sending shrapnel into his head and body leaving him brain damaged.
John is from North Miami, Florida.

Listen to John:

There is not that much I can do now because if I do it and I fall,
and I hit my head, it will cause for it to move my brain
and the metal I have back here will move.
My head doesn't let me work, plus my arm.

I was doing landscaping and lawn service in North Miami with my father-in-law.
I loved it. Now I like being with the kids and my wife.
I try to be with them always. I take them both with me and my
wife to the Veterans Hospital.

I was happy Sadaam was caught because my guys will come back soon.

The war they fight is on a different plane of thinking
than yours and mine
"red" and "blue", just a political parody
Our soldiers didn't think up;
didn't start the division
Listen to the Troops

1st Lt. USMC Andrew Borene, Edina, MN
Andrew was an intelligence officer with the 1st Marine Division,
I Marine Expeditionary Force from Oct. 2002 - Aug. 2004.
He served in Iraq during major combat operations from Feb. to May, 2004.

Listen to Andrew:

Young heroes display physical courage out on the front lines
in the Global War on Terror, yet even as our troops accomplish
mission after harrowing mission, our politicians are failing them.
The White House blamed the troops for explosives lost at
Al Qaqaa due to troop shortages.
The Pentagon blamed the Marines for a failed attack on Fallujah in April 2004.
These failing were political decisions, not tactical decisions.

Young men and women are fighting for us as I write,
but who is fighting for them?
If every concerned American wrote the republican members of congress
who put tax cuts for the wealthy before troop welfare,
demanding that our veterans and soldiers be given their due,
perhaps we could make some headway on honoring
America's contract with its veterans.

God Bless America. God Bless our Troops.
May our political leaders show their thanks
and take responsibility for their decisions by
taking care of those who protect us all.

When they struggle to re-define who they are
after serving as a soldier in war,
they're not going to say "red" or "blue"
Listen to the Troops

This letter, written by a soldier in Iraq:

Dear friends and family members -

I need your help here in Iraq. ..

For those of you not aware, the US military is not the only US organization
that is functioning over here in Iraq. A large US contractor
called KBR (Kellog, Brown, and Root), a daughter company of Halliburton...,
is operating on every US base in Iraq.
KBR manages many of the solider services that we have here on the base...

Now I know you are asking yourself what in the world this has to do with you.

Let me explain... KBR is now requesting, and the army is allowing,
US soldiers to ride "shot gun" in KBR convoys hauling KBR goods all over Iraq.
KBR is afraid to be out on the roads alone and want our US soldiers to risk their lives
riding shot gun for their missions. ..
Now there is no doubt that we need
to protect KBR's missions but we have suggested and to date
have been denied the opportunity to run the convoys
with properly modified and equipped military vehicles...

Here is where you come in.

Out of a desire to honor the oath we took upon entering
the army we do not want to disobey a direct order if and when the order
comes for us to ride with KBR. We do however want to make
all the lawmakers and politicians aware of the danger
we are being unnecessarily exposed to on these missions.

Our hope is that each of our friends and loved ones back home will take
a few minutes and send out emails to any local, state, and US congressman
and senators and demand that they require the US military to stop
this practice of allowing US troops in KBR vehicles.

Please help.

Thank you for your time and help...
Please keep myself and my wife
and my sons in your hearts and in your prayers.

So America, get your act together
and in spirit, stand with them as they
fight our battle,

For once, quiet your mind,
forget "red" and "blue"
And Listen to the Troops


Anonymous MandT said...

Excellent, poignant and beautiful work. We continue to read your truthful prose/poetry challenge to the lie . What is happening to troops in the field and at home is beyond outrageous. It is as tragic and disparate as the plight of the Iraqi people caught in this maelstrom of power and empire.Thank you
And thank you for your kind words to Adgitadiaries. We have listed your site on our recommended. MandT

6:30 PM  
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