Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Something you need to get off your chest?

Need to let out a secret that’s been haunting you for years—a private torment or personal shame? Shhhh...There's a site on the internet you should visit. It's PostSecret.com. All posts are anonymous because each submittal does not require a name, allowing anyone to submit their writings/drawings on simple postcards, if they prefer. The only hitch is you need to send it via snailmail. The instructions are simple and can be found on the website.

PostSecret.com was created two months ago as an art project, but has since evolved as a “Dear Abby”-esque post sans Abby. Created by artist Frank Warren of Germantown, Maryland, he launched the project by passing out postcards soliciting secrets at art shows.

Here are just some examples of a few submissions:

"I want to have sex with my therapist," said one, accompanied by a drawing of a couple on the psychiatrist's couch.

"I say I'm a vegetarian. But I eat meat on the sly!" said a third, with a sketch of a steak and steak knife as evidence.

Many of the confessions are indeed very private and graphic, and come with artful drawings and collages.

One contributor admitted: "When I was young, I drilled a hole in my closet wall and peed in it because I was mad at my parents. The closet smelled for years. I blamed our cat."

Another, mailed from Australia, confided that she was still a virgin but dared not tell her friends.

While the above examples seem sincere and apologetic in their admission, others were quite proud of their secrets:

"I really enjoy funerals," read one, with a heart penned on it.

"I made love at Artomatic," said another, referring to a Washington art festival.

One card had a torn-out newspaper television schedule with a picture of TV personality Paris Hilton. Inscribed next to it was: "While others pray at church I bow my head and think about the TV programs I plan on watching."

And there are those secrets that are deeply serious, forcing Warren to weigh publishing them on the Website. Two nameless correspondents confessed to having possibly incited friends to kill themselves.

One recalled both having been molested as a child and of later molesting his own brother.

For these anonymous entries, it is apparent that their senders carry heavy burdens that can never be erased from their lives.

Thought-provoking, sometimes amusing, sometimes gritty, visit PostSecret.com and check it out. You may find yourself wanting to share a secret or two.


Blogger Steven Swain said...

Soounds like I neat idea, but i think I'll keep my secrets to myself.

3:20 PM  
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