Saturday, February 05, 2005

What is your purpose in life?

I've always had a desire to travel Europe on foot, leaving a trail of apple shavings behind, thereby making my little insignificant mark of history in the world, which leads me to this question, what role do I play in this world? Why do I exist, why am I here?, the first questions asked by philosophy professors to their students in Phil 101. Yes, they ask these questions at one time or another.

Since then, I've asked myself the same question and I think I've found the answer that satisfies me. And it is that I am here to pursue what I am meant to do, which brings contentment in my life, and if I ignore my truth, I will live a life filled with uncertainty and negativity. And so, I know that my purpose in life is to write, and to help people.

But how do we know what to pursue? Ask yourself, at this very point in your life, are you happy? Is there a long-forgotten dream that you cherish? And if such a dream exists, what's stopping you from pursuing it? Bills? Family? Fear of failure?

I believe that when one has reached a certain level of discontent, something has to happen, whether good or bad. But if one ignores the signs, then wrong choices or bad decisions are made, leaving one in a quagmire of boggy malcontent.

I've been through stormy weather in my life which caused a heaving mass of discontent, leaving me with a stomach ulcer that isn't pleasant. This feeling is what I call the dark night of the soul, a time of utter loss followed by throes of despair and finally, feelings of hopelessness. But through all this, I found that I was able to live through the situation and somehow, I became a stronger person for it because I knew that I found what I needed to do on this earth. I figure, if I don't do what my intended purpose is in life, why bother to exist? I know, a bit extreme, but I've always been an extreme person.

Faith has always sustained a person... a country. What have you put your faith in, and is it enough for you? Does it sustain you? Are you prepared to handle all things that are beyond your control and those things that you can control, able to deal with, with grace, civility, and a humble nature?

Many times, I am blinded by my ego and all its deceptive mirrors and because of this, I've said "I'm sorry", more times than I can remember. But it's the sincerity of the words and the follow through by action that makes it real and appreciated.

Where does your hope lie? Where does your faith lie? Do they sustain you? Are you happy? Are you content? What is your inspiration? Have you a secret desire to make your mark in this world? What are you waiting for? I can honestly say, it is never too late to re-make yourself, and a step off the cliff might save you.

I challenge you to find your safety zone and leave it behind in the pursuit of your life in the sun. LVX


Blogger Frally said...

Wow, that was a really intriguing post. You asked a lot of questions that I ask myself daily, however I usually cover up those thoughts with cynicism and humour. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Jude Nagurney Camwell said...


Your post will have meaning and interest for any person who reads it. You've shared a part of your inner life and I consider that to be a precious gift. It helps to understand that we are not alone, and that others share such thoughts. Thank you.

- Jude

9:45 AM  
Blogger birdwoman said...

You know, I stopped asking myself the "what is the meaning of ..." a long time ago. With age, I've gotten incredibly shallow. I now work and play and raise my kids without wondering what purpose I may have outside getting task 23 on a list of 493 done. I don't know if I'm happier, but I think maybe I'm too busy to be sad.


10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've asked myself those questions most of my life. It's why I created my site Come check it out and leave your thoughts there too :-)


8:41 AM  
Anonymous What is important to me said...

Great post sapere aude I'm working with the writer of this course for What is important and What is your purpose in life? has helped so thanks. Anny

5:42 AM  
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