Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blogosphere and bloggers- the Fifth Estate

The main reason I blog is because I'd like to think I'm contributing something to this world and perhaps, I've struck a cord with a few people who feel strongly about the same issues, or else not, which is fine too--everyone is entitled to their opinion.For those who are discouraged, I believe that no matter how small a presence, we are out there, in cyberspace, adding our voice to anyone who will listen-- if we persevere ... someone will.

In the blogosphere, being a member of like-minded individuals can manifest into a very powerful influence, and with this comes the power to evoke change in the most dramatic way--the power to topple a politician, or an established anchor-man; the power to expose the seedy side of a person; the power to influence a nation...

Political blogs are written by people who are passionate about issues affecting their lives (and others as well); some are homespun philosophers, pajama-clad counselors, and others who promote their business. Still others are teachers who impart knowledge they have learned to those who seek it. We have religious blogs, gay blogs, lesbian blogs, comedy blogs, recipe blogs, blogs on the occult, poetry blogs, prison blogs, music blogs, book blogs, how-to blogs, medical blogs, blogs about blogs, insurance blogs, and the ever-so-wonderful, mommy blogs. We have pet(s) blogs, relationship blogs, daily journal blogs, photoblogs, IT blogs, gardening blogs, law blogs, advice blogs, history blogs, wedding blogs, nature blogs, web blogs, war/anti-war blogs, UFO blogs, car blogs, college blogs, school blogs, bi-polar/ADD/ADHD/(just to name a few) blogs, government and anti-government blogs... Have I missed any? I'm sure I have.

As many of you know, the "fourth estate" is traditionally identified as the public press--journalists, photographers, newspapers and magazines, collectively. Throughout history, politicians have detested journalists for their liberal views and biased writings. Ah, the irony, for today, journalists detest bloggers for those very same reasons!

The point is, with the creation of the blogosphere, bloggers have essentially created a powerful entity with limitless potential. Because of this, I consider the blogosphere the "fifth estate" and identify it as such. Furthermore, I intuit that the blogosphere has a collective consciousness which has permeated the real world and has effectuated change whether for good or bad--but one thing is for certain, bloggers are not ignored and are taken quite seriously.

Otherwise unknown, bloggers have become icons not only in the world of blogging, but also in the Halls of Congress, state legislatures, MSM, school districts, courts, and yes, even the Oval Office. Umm hmm.. Bloggers are here to stay. Biba Bloggers!


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