Thursday, March 03, 2005

Court lifts ban on Bin Ladin Trademark

It's interesting how life goes on for the bin ladin family, in spite of their filial ties to the number one terrorist in the world. Osama's half brother now has the authority to use the bin ladin name on his line of perfume and beauty products, although he says he has no plans to do so. Whether he does or not, I'm sure that his products will not be allowed to sell in the U.S. Or will they? Hope people in the State Department are paying attention. Have you seen this at Macy's, Nordstrom's, Barney's? Would you purchase it? Take a peek at his website, read the Interview. Very interesting. : yeslam

GENEVA (AP) -- A Swiss court has lifted a two-year suspension on the trademark "Bin Ladin," which is registered to a half brother of Osama bin Laden, authorities said Thursday.

The decision reverses a 2002 ruling by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, which prevented Yeslam Binladin from using the name as a protected trademark on his perfumes or beauty products.

Binladin, who intentionally spells his name differently from his half brother, said he had no immediate plans to use the name on any products. Last fall, he avoided controversy by releasing a line of perfumes for men and women under the "Yeslam" trademark.

"I have no intention of exploiting the trademark Bin Ladin for commercial ends, but its registration will ensure that other people cannot use my name ill-advisedly," he told the Geneva daily Tribune de Geneve.

Binladin originally gained trademark protection for his family name in August 2001, but Switzerland revoked the ruling a year later, saying it was offensive in light of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, attributed to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network.

The trademark authority approved Binladin's application without objection before the attacks and had insufficient grounds to repeal it afterward, said Kurt Wuethrich, director of the appeal commission. The trademark authority argued that the Bin Ladin trademark could disturb public order.

Registration in Switzerland allows people to apply for trademark protection in 77 countries that have signed an international intellectual property treaty, including the United States.

Binladin was born in Saudi Arabia, one of 54 children of Mohammed Ben Oud Ben Laden and his 22 wives. He has claimed he only met his younger half brother three or four times in his life, all before Osama left Saudi Arabia in 1981. Binladin has lived in Switzerland since 1985 and became a Swiss citizen three years ago.
Associated Press Writer


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