Saturday, March 12, 2005


Time has a way of sifting through our consciousness without our being aware of how that defining moment changed the way we see things. Moments of reality happen all around us, as perceived in our mind, which makes it tangible.

However, the amount of information we are able to process has its limits, thereby limiting our perception of other states of reality, or consciousness. Is what we see real outside of ourselves, or is it real in our mind? In other words, are we the creator of our world and all that we perceive is what is created in our mind; or are we living in a world that is outside our mind, in which all objects has relevance?

Levels of consciousness exist within our mind which determines our reaction to outside stimuli thereby creating a response. Many believe that they are not in control of their lives; that existence is not within their power to effectuate change. This is not true, as some of us realize. The answer is to understand that our mind can actualize the desires of our world, if we open it up to possibilities, and not confuse it with doubt. Pre-set conditions in our life must be re-examined and if damaging to our seat of consciousness, must be destroyed.

Fear and self-doubt are our greatest enemies. If we say we can't, then we can't. If we say we won't then we won't--but if we ask, what are the possibilities, how can we change our reality, how can we see our life in a different way.. then we take the first step to self-actualization which involves the evolution of our mind and our state of being.

Time is irrelevant, for states of consciousness are not relegated to moments in time. However, we were trained since birth to perceive time as a conscious reality that moves forward and is marked. States of consciousness is timeless; able to move forward or backward. Defining moments of time are quantitative and can be measured in the brain.

The qualitative moment, however, cannot be measured by science, for this is considered the seat of god-- the creative process of ideas, of movement of thought beyond the realm of limited reality and into the realm of possibilities.


Blogger Mace said...

That was pretty deep for 6:00am, chief.

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