Sunday, April 17, 2005

B is for Bright

Oh man, canst thou see?
your purpose to glean divine
And find it in you.

Bright light creates hope in a world of darkness. When mankind came into being, the Grand Architect of the Universe embedded the spark of his divine being in man, called the spirit. The propagation of humans has created billions of bright lights in this world. The touch of the divine resides in us and we witness this manifestation everyday of our lives as we think, create, build; but we also have the dark side of ourselves which, if given free reign, will destroy us.

Raising a child influences that child’s whole perception of the world and the way they will interact within acceptable norms of society. Because of this, importance must be placed in the early years of the child’s development, particularly in the instruction of the mind.

As their children grow, parents worry about manifested unacceptable behavior. This is because as parents, they failed to prepare the child to perceive life as purpose driven. But parents are not to blame. This failure is generational. They too, grew up in a parochial home with the same ignorance which they unknowingly passed on to their children.

What can be done to mitigate this virus? At the grade school level beginning with kindergarten, school curriculum should include philosophy, theology, arts, writing, sports, and thinking programs. Why sports? Because an unfit body is destined for disease and suffering.

From there, each child is tested to discover their natural aptitude. They are then quickly moved to a curriculum that caters to their intuitive nature where they are given the necessary tools to excel. Periodic testing is given as the child progresses to capture other aptitudes, and the child’s curriculum changes to reflect the changing skills.

This type of instruction acknowledges the child as a being separate and unique and gives him a solid foundation of what his purpose is on this earth. The bright light manifests itself in society. Society benefits from this enlightened person and new social mores are instituted based on a higher level of development. The spark of the divine is preserved. The world embraces the light. Divergent conflicts are settled before they become cause for war.

When the enlightened being dies, he returns to the divine after having served his purpose.


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