Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I perceive my reality; my reality perceives me

I find myself re-defining these words that have become a part of my life: to know, to dare, to will, to keep silent. There are times when a simple explanation isn't enough to understand a confusing or senseless thought- humans continue to re-create themselves to find their truth based on their perception of reality. This exercise is necessary for the survival of the individual for to ignore or fear new realities can result in a stagnant mind.

We are continually re-creating our reality, whether we are aware we are, or not. This is part of our intrinsic make-up. That man has the knowledge, indeed, the thought/ability/capacity to change, is remarkable and remains a mystery.

Can we then play a passive role in the environment that surrounds us? Are we able to change our world around us? Do we believe that we have the power within us to do so? Why is man dependent on a Supreme Being if he has the tools within him to alter his reality?

Can the bearer of bad news turn it into something that is pleasing to our pleasure center? When do we actually stop creating our reality? Is there anyone out there who has the answers to these questions? Does anyone care? I seek the questions because the answers are there. If a question is perceived, then there must be a corresponding answer. Don't you agree?

To know: to know that which is the make-up of my environment; all those sensory perceptions that affect me and those around me in a meaningful way-- for good or for bad.

To dare: to perceive these thoughts and their meaning in my life and what I choose to do with these thoughts. Will I risk all that I am, all that I believe, to search for a new truth?

To will: Shall I direct my thought to the next level in which I am aware of the ability to manifest my will so that it directly affects my environment? Do I perceive this to be a good or bad thing and even then, choose to direct my efforts towards an outcome?

To keep silent: And so, after I have directed my will towards that which is tangible-- that which I have manifested, shall I make my triumph known to my fellow men? Or shall I keep it to myself, safe in the knowledge that all that I am is a perception of my realities and all that which I manifest within my realm of dreams.

And then after this, what is the next step? Is there another realm that I can explore-- that I am able to perceive? How will I know I have reached a level of development that I am able to perceive, or is that new reality still a glimpse of dreams and possibilities not yet manifested?

Ahh... I love being human. I love the very act of thinking, of knowing. To know; to dare; to will; and to keep silent.


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