Friday, May 27, 2005

Political correctness shortchanges intellect

How did it come to be that "political correctness" has become the social force of collegiate institutions? Rather than directing young men and women to be original thinkers, colleges and universities are sucking creative intuition from their minds and replacing it with "thinking that would bring accolades from the status quo."

There was a time when our college campuses were infused with creative thinkers. Young people spoke out against the social norms and blazed their own trails of social reform. What happened? Where is the fluent words of passionate discourse that moves a nation to change?

Today, the young intellectual is hesitant to express his or her views in writing or through dialogue for fear of rejection and ridicule. Furthermore, to do so would be misconstrued as a political stance against one thing or another. This is evident in collective think-tanks around the world. Many intellectuals of the day have traded in their professorship at some university to join this highly selective group that caters to government's dealings with foreign and domestic policies. And of course, these organizations are categorized as either liberal or conservative. The danger here is that intellectuals must adjust their basic beliefs to coincide with the ones who are buttering their bread. Yes, even genius can be bought.

As mankind moves forward in science and technology, is his individuality regressing back towards the dark ages? Will mankind experience another Renaissance? One would hope so.

May the passion of discovery and new ideas be the guiding light for those who repose at the feet of long-ago philosophers whose intense creative ideas shaped the thinking of today. Depose political correctness and force yourself to think creatively, answerable to no one or group other than your genius self!


Blogger Steven Swain said...

We live in a world that has become increasingly polarized and political.

It pains me as a person to see the thousands of years devoted to the development of objective thought sliced, diced and rendered down to 3-second sound bites and "Whose side are you on?"

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always reserved that if you have a reasoning behind an idea or expression that sounds different let the person voice his opinion for it is unique and diverse and maybe this one unique view will change the world. The youth of today should go with the flow but create their own path that way making the thinking of mankind diverse and in the end stronger. These thinker will cure desease and find answers to world hunger if given time. In your youth your imagination is vibrant and powerful let them use it and see where it takes them, maybe it will change all out lives for the better.

10:08 PM  
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