Monday, May 02, 2005

What's Up, North Korea?

North Koreans are proud nationalists which defines the unique way they interact with other people. North Koreans take themselves very seriously, do not take criticisms lightly, and are easily offended. Furthermore, they trust no one. North Koreans believe that the United States is trying to “push them around”; that the U.S. has “no respect”; and that the U.S. is “trying to take over the world”. The North Korean government believes that the U.S. is a terroristic country, with its own terrorist network, worldwide.

North Korea is the center of attention once again, after apparently testing a short range missile, Sunday.

On CNN, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said this,

“North Koreans "are living in poverty -- many in concentration camps. They do not have any exercise of democracy or freedom. They are not allowed to contact the outside world. [Kim] is not the kind of leader that is comfortable with the rest of the world."

On NBC's "Meet the Press," Card portrayed North Korea as a target of U.S. efforts to inspire democracy around the world.

"We're doing everything we can to make sure that the people of North Korea recognize that they're being cheated and denied opportunities that come with freedom and democracy," he said.

Card’s statements exemplify the extreme ignorance of the Bush Administration about North Koreans. Americans will never understand the reasons behind the madness that North Koreans exhibit—will never understand the nationalism that North Koreans pride themselves. The very idea of nationalism has been openly challenged by Americans for decades. But even then, Americans do not push the envelope. They question authority, but do not seek to undermine it. (With the exception of the Oklahoma City bombings and a few others and even then, these were Americans killing Americans. A tragedy which leaves many with one fundamental question: Why? Was Timothy McVeigh’s “inalienable rights” being threatened? Was democracy being threatened? Will we ever know?)

To North Koreans, nationalism is their foundation of tradition; the basic principles of their family way of life. They are saying, “if you want us to work with you, you must treat us with respect, accept our way of life and leave us to run our country the way we see fit.”

North Korea acts this way because its government feels threatened by extinction of its values--its people—its way of life; therefore, the government is compelled to show that it will not be pushed around by another “foreign” country.

Bush knows that the United States cannot incur another war-- but he should have looked ahead and planned his foreign policy accordingly. Today, his aggressive (arrogant) foreign policies have polarized the U.S. from other countries and their leaders. The U.S. has made itself a self-appointed “watch dog” of the world. The constant drivel of “in the name of democracy/a better future/freedom from the oppressed, is bulls+++.

North Koreans ask, if the U.S. is the shining example of democracy, then why are millions of Americans living in poverty; why are there tens of thousands of homeless Americans; why is crime high and cannot be contained; why do Americans defraud their government; why does America have a drug problem; why can't Americans take care of their elderly; why is the suicide rate high in America; why is racism still an issue; why is AIDS rampant in America; why do Americans pay so much for healthcare and what happens to Americans who can't afford healthcare; why are millions of Americans unemployed; why is there an overflow in American prisons; why do Americans fight about unborn fetuses; the right to live or die; why do political candidates spend multi-millions of dollars on campaigns, then argue about poverty. KISS... keep it simple, stupid... and lastly, "if America thinks it can fix other countries problems, why can't it fix its own?"(a 10-year-old niece of mine contributed this last piece). Do these social and economic issues define democracy?

Bush is now aware that the United States has to fight many wars, topple many governments, kill and destroy many lives, all in the name of “Democracy”, but really, the agenda is to take over that country's natural resources. Does the U.S. have plans to bring democracy to North Korea? What does the U.S. have to gain if it invades North Korea? We all know what's at stake in Iraq and Iran.

As the U.S. continues to foot the bill of the Iraqi War and drive itself to ultimate bankruptcy, other countries, even those that are pro-U.S., are finding lucrative ways to finance their government coffers and this means making deals with countries that are anti-U.S.

Today, North Korea prepares for war against the U.S., if the U.S. decides to “bring it on” the shores of North Korea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an old saying in my country(South Africa) that my father uses and I try to follow till today... directly translated it means, Take the log out of your own eye before taking the splinter out of your friends, in short the united states as a "super" power of the world maybe the biggest and strongest but is it fair to its people to wage a war that they did not ask for? Vietnam starts rining bells. In short I love the way this article is put together.America has already had one costly war, now the people have to work harder and give more into the government treasures to pay for every bullet, soldier and tank off shore in another country. So I have this to say. The USA government was payed to look after IT'S people. Do so and leave the other countries be, if you want to free a country, free Zimbabwe where people are starving and houses are being shopped up for fire wood, Petrol and Diesel are non-existant and their currency is worth less than toilet paper. People were killed for going to vote against the main party and Mr. Robert M. If you want to be the patriot, free them. North Korea is far better off and with all the comotion going around also well advanced to take care of themselves and their people? I know I'm rambeling a bit. Just on a closing note. America was arrogant to assume role as "World Watch Dog" for as big as they are they cannot take care of ever man/woman and child on earth. They must keep the people they are charged with happy,prosperous and strong before trying to see if they can make all the other countries "democratic" and clone another one of themselves.

4:07 PM  
Blogger T. Stark said...

Sorry i don't have time for much else besides - real nice, heady post. Thanks. Post it at Blogcritics and watch the fur fly. Or don't and enjoy it as much. :-)

4:17 PM  
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